Send Sympathy Flowers to Perth: The Meaning Behind the Arrangement

Choosing an appropriate form of flowers when a tragedy or death has occurred can be pretty difficult, especially if the person was close to you. Flowers are used to convey the emotions you’re feeling towards a loved one’s family and to let them know that they’re in your thoughts and prayers. But because different types of flowers mean different things, sending the wrong type of flower can convey a totally inappropriate meaning. If you’re looking to send sympathy flowers, stick to the classics and you’ll be sure to touch the recipient’s heart. Residents of Perth, Western Australia can check How to Send Sympathy Flowers to Perth: Your Guide to Etiquette and Buying flowers in Perth.

Sympathy Flowers Perth


While orchids aren’t the most traditional type of sympathy flower, they have been growing in popularity. Many people choose to send orchids because they can be kept as house-plants long after a funeral and they carry a very elegant charm about them. Orchids are best known as a symbol of beauty, but when sent in a bright white colour, they can be taken as a symbol of purity and passing. If you’re looking to send something that the recipient can hold on to as a remembrance of their loved one, orchids are a wonderful choice and very easy to take care of.


Lilies are very popular when it comes to funeral and sympathy flowers. They are most often sent in white and are considered a symbol of innocence, often taken as the innocence of the departed soul. Stargazer lilies are by far the most popular type of lilies and like orchids can be seen as a symbol of purity. Lilies are also relatively easy to care for, like orchids, and can be held onto after services have finished.


Roses are a classic for sympathy flowers because of their strong association with love. In many cases it’s traditional for the family to bring long-stemmed roses to the funeral services and drop them on the casket prior to burial. White is most often associated with innocence and red with love and respect. However, deeper colours of red symbolize grief, so depending on what kind of emotion you want to send the recipient, the choice of colour can make a difference. Roses obviously don’t last very long and aren’t something the recipient can keep for long after the services.


Carnations can be a wonderful choice if you want to send sympathy flowers full of colour. Sympathy flowers don’t always have to be so sad and mournful as many people like celebrate the life of a loved one instead of mourn their death. But like roses, carnations are flowers that don’t last very long, although they do smell lovely while they last.

When it comes time to send sympathy flowers, think of the message you’re trying to convey before choosing a flower that looks pretty and decide whether you would like something that lasts or fades relatively quickly. No matter what you end up choosing, the person you’re sending it to is sure to be grateful to be in your thoughts and prayers.