Flowers to Convey Your Condolences to Loved Ones in Perth

by Perth Flowers

Whether it is a close friend, family member, neighbor, or coworker, finding floral arrangements to convey your condolences to loved ones in Perth can show you care. However, this can be incredibly tricky since these people can take the meaning of the flowers that you send in a different way than you mean them. This means you should take care when choosing these flowers to ensure that they simply convey your condolences for their loss and not anything else. There are several ways you can choose these flowers and ensure that they are providing the message that you want to send and not something else.
Get Familiar with Flowers

casket spray

casket spray

Getting to know the flowers that you are selecting may be a little time consuming, however you can do this easily by searching for the meaning of each flower you want in a bouquet. Each flower will have a different meaning and will ultimately make your arrangement mean something different when combined with other flowers. Because of the changing in meaning based on how they are paired together within an arrangement and the technicalities of floral meanings, you will want to look for a wide variety of flowers that all mean the same things.
Getting Help
white blooms in vaseAny florist worth their salt will be happy to help you choose a bouquet or arrangement that will convey the emotions that you want to convey in your floral gift. You can generally do one of two things to get help with your floral arrangement from a florist. You can choose to walk into their floral boutique and ask for their assistance in person as well as get a good look at their floral selections, or you can call them on the phone while browsing their website to get an idea as to what they can do. Your florist will be able to break down the meaning of each of the flowers that they chose to put into a bouquet or arrangement while help you make the right choice based on the emotions and message you wish to send to your loved ones or the loved ones that have been lost.
calla lily arrangementYou will want to keep in mind that there are huge differences between funeral flowers and flowers that convey sympathy for those who have been lost. While you can ask your florist about these differences, you can easily find the differences by looking at some of the bouquets and arrangements for each. Sympathy flowers for example are much smaller than funeral arrangements and are used to display around the home in memory of the passed loved one while funeral arrangements are generally rather large and are put together to be seen from the last pew in the church. Another difference between funeral and sympathy flowers is that funeral flowers generally include a knowledge of the religious beliefs as well as personal details of the person who passed such as favorite color. It is also wise to avoid wreaths as they are generally more elaborate and meant to be funeral flowers that are placed on the coffin and not for the home of the ones that the loved one left behind. When you purchase your flowers to convey your condolences to loved ones in Perth, simply stick to small arrangements that possess flowers of sorrow and loss, avoiding anything large or in the shape of wreaths to keep from sending the wrong flowers to those who are hurting from the loss of their friend or family member. You should also include a message of your condolences to ensure the message is appropriately received.